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Festival Introduction

It takes artists with a vision and a voice to bring our hopes, desires, dreams and nightmares to life in ways that challenge us to see more. Such an artist is Bernardo Bertolucci and we are extremely honored to have this august and uncompromising filmmaker as the festival’s Guest Artistic Director in 2012.

Several themes resonate throughout this year’s program. One is the intersection of reality and fiction — explored in both narrative and documentary form in films including LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE, ONLY THE YOUNG, PEARBLOSSOM HWY, REALITY and TCHOUPITOULAS. Other filmmakers delve even more deeply into subjects they have tackled before, with Cristian Mungiu revisiting the issue of women’s rights and Thomas Vinterberg providing an even more intimate insight into Danish society with his social drama THE HUNT. The tragic ramifications of religious extremism are rendered in BEYOND THE HILLS and Ulrich Seidl’s PARADISE: FAITH.

A number of foreign filmmakers are working in black and white, telling stories that exude the energy and spirit of American independents and the inspiration of the French New Wave and 1960s Italian cinema — EVERYBODY’S GOT SOMEBODY…NOT ME, NOT IN TEL AVIV and OH BOY. And there are exciting films from established artists revisiting the moment of their intellectual and artistic self-discovery — Sally Potter with GINGER & ROSA and Olivier Assayas with SOMETHING IN THE AIR.

We’re rewarded with epic spectacle in 42ND STREET, FINAL CUT — LADIES & GENTLEMEN, THE IMPOSSIBLE, KON-TIKI and LIFE OF PI, films meant to be experienced on the big screen, as is the experimental LEVIATHAN, the fresh NAIROBI HALF LIFE, TABU and Alain Gomis’ TEY.

Our 2012 program offers an essential view of the themes, stories and experiences of contemporary and artistic life around the world. Many of the filmmakers will present their films to you in person and we invite you to join us to celebrate their work.


Meet the AFI FEST Staff: Programmers Dilcia Barrera and Jenn Murphy

Dilcia Barrera

(Pictured left to right: Actress Hani Furstenberg and Julia Loktev, Director of Loneliest Planet (AFI FEST 2012 Grand Jury Prize Winner) with Dilcia Barrera)

Dilcia Barrera

How long have you worked for AFI FEST?  This is my 3rd festival working with AFI FEST.

What do you do?  I am one of the festival programmers.  A programmer’s job is really year-round.  We are constantly researching the latest filmmaking trends, following filmmaker’s projects and progress and searching for the new emerging talent.  We also travel around the world to various film festivals in search of the best films of the year.  More importantly, I watch a high percentage of films that arrive in our office through our submissions process.  Once we make the decisions, I assist in writing the copy for our beautiful film guide.  And lastly, we are host to the many filmmakers that arrive from around the world to present their films at AFI FEST.  There are, of course, many little details in between, but that’s the gist for the most part.

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AFI Alumni and Staff Films Screening at AFI FEST 2012

AFI is so very proud of our talented alumni and staff with films selected to screen at AFI FEST 2012!

Harris Charalambous (AFI Class of 2003), Cinematographer

P. David Ebersole (AFI Class of 1991), Executive Producer
Shaz Bennett (AFI Directing Workshop for Women, Class of 2012), Director/Screenwriter
Tobias Datum (AFI Class of 2002), Cinematographer
Shorts Programs

Dylan Kohler (AFI Class of 2005), Producer/Director/Screenwriter/Editor
Armando Koghan (AFI Class of 2005), Cinematographer
Shorts Programs

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Catching Up With AFI FEST Alumni: Joe Swanberg, Director of ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY

Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg has directed several feature films, including HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS (2007), ALEXANDER THE LAST (2009), UNCLE KENT (2011) and SILVER BULLETS (2011).  His films have premiered at Sundance, Berlin, SXSW and AFI.  Swanberg also directed and starred in the web series YOUNG AMERICAN BODIES for, which he produced with his wife, Kris.  We asked him to share his favorite moment from AFI FEST 2011 and fill us in on what he’s working on now.

My favorite moment of AFI FEST 2011 was walking into the movie theater in the heart of Hollywood to show and watch films that were made so far outside of the industry. It’s really important that AFI FEST puts a spotlight on unconventional and challenging films.  I loved seeing THE COLOR WHEEL, a comedy about incest shot on 16mm B&W, playing in a theater next to films that would be getting Oscar® nominations a few months later.  It’s what a film festival should be!  It’s a celebration of all kinds of films. 

I’m putting the finishing touches on a film called ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY that I’m making with Jane Adams. It’s about an actress reaching a point in her life and career that is causing her to reflect on family, relationships and the business of making movies.  She loves her life, but it’s not at all what she imagined it would look like.  Sophia Takal, Kent Osborne and Larry Fessenden co-star. 

I’m also editing the film I shot this Summer, called DRINKING BUDDIES, with Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston.  It’s about craft beer and complicated friendships/relationships – things I know a lot about!!!!

Meet the AFI FEST Staff: Shari Mesulam, Press Manager

Shari Mesulam

How long have you worked for AFI FEST? 

This is my third AFI FEST!

What do you do? 

I am the Press Manager and I’m in charge of all of the media coverage for FEST.

What do you enjoy about working for AFI FEST? 

I love seeing all of the media coverage after FEST highlighting the amazing films and filmmakers that FEST featured.

What’s your most memorable AFI FEST moment?

My favorite FEST moment was at last year’s Opening Night Gala (the world premiere of J. EDGAR) when Leonardo DiCaprio got out of his car and ran across Hollywood Blvd. to pose for pictures and sign autographs for the legions of fans that had lined to up to catch a glimpse of him!  

What’s your favorite film? 

My favorite film of all time is THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT. 

AFI FEST 2012 films screening in the World Cinema section.

AFI FEST 2012 films screening in the World Cinema section.

AFI FEST 2012 films screening in the World Cinema section.

AFI FEST 2012 films screening in the World Cinema section.

Breakthrough and Midnight films screening at AFI FEST 2012.


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