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Catching up with Filmmaker Joe Swanberg before SXSW

When was the last time that you were at AFI FEST?

I was last at the festival in 2011, when SILVER BULLETS, ART HISTORY and THE ZONE were shown.

You made a new film that screened at AFI FEST last year – ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY – but you weren’t able to come to the festival. Where can people see that film now?

While ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY was playing at the festival I was busy acting in Ti West’s new film, THE SACRAMENT, in Savannah, GA.  Thankfully, Jane Adams, Sophia Takal and Kent Osborne were able to be there and do the Q&As in my place.  If people want to see ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY, there are upcoming screenings at the Florida, Wisconsin and Nashville Film Festivals in April.  And we’re planning to do a small theatrical run later this year along with digital distribution.

Congratulations on your new film, DRINKING BUDDIES, that is going to be playing at SXSW this month.  What is it about? And what do you want us to know before we see it?

Thanks!  DRINKING BUDDIES is a comedy about two friends, Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke (Jake Johnson), who work at a craft brewery in Chicago.  They have one of those really fun, flirty work friendships that feels like it could be something more, but they’re both in relationships with other people.  Kate is dating an older music producer named Chris (Ron Livingston) and Luke is in a long-term relationship with a high-school teacher named Jill (Anna Kendrick).  Luke and Jill are at the point in their relationship where they’re starting to talk about getting married.  The film is about all of these intersecting relationships and conflicting feelings and trying to figure out what’s right for you.  And it’s also about how all of this is additionally complicated when you’re drinking good craft beer all the time!

Some cool things to know about the film: 

1) It was produced by Alicia Van Couvering, who also produced Lena Dunham’s film TINY FURNITURE.  

2) The cinematographer, Ben Richardson, just won the Independent Spirit Award for his last film, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD.  

3) There’s a funny crossover with David Lowery’s new film, AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS.  David and I have been friends and collaborators for a long time, and we both started shooting our movies on the same day, so we wanted to have the same character name appear in both films.  We ended up actually using the exact same name plate.  I shot with it first, and then we sent it to Louisiana for David to shoot.

Here’s a still from DRINKING BUDDIES:


Catching Up With AFI FEST Alumni: Joe Swanberg, Director of ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY

Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg has directed several feature films, including HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS (2007), ALEXANDER THE LAST (2009), UNCLE KENT (2011) and SILVER BULLETS (2011).  His films have premiered at Sundance, Berlin, SXSW and AFI.  Swanberg also directed and starred in the web series YOUNG AMERICAN BODIES for, which he produced with his wife, Kris.  We asked him to share his favorite moment from AFI FEST 2011 and fill us in on what he’s working on now.

My favorite moment of AFI FEST 2011 was walking into the movie theater in the heart of Hollywood to show and watch films that were made so far outside of the industry. It’s really important that AFI FEST puts a spotlight on unconventional and challenging films.  I loved seeing THE COLOR WHEEL, a comedy about incest shot on 16mm B&W, playing in a theater next to films that would be getting Oscar® nominations a few months later.  It’s what a film festival should be!  It’s a celebration of all kinds of films. 

I’m putting the finishing touches on a film called ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY that I’m making with Jane Adams. It’s about an actress reaching a point in her life and career that is causing her to reflect on family, relationships and the business of making movies.  She loves her life, but it’s not at all what she imagined it would look like.  Sophia Takal, Kent Osborne and Larry Fessenden co-star. 

I’m also editing the film I shot this Summer, called DRINKING BUDDIES, with Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston.  It’s about craft beer and complicated friendships/relationships – things I know a lot about!!!!

Joe Swanberg: Collected Films 2011 from factory twenty five on Vimeo.

Joe Swanberg is one of the most prolific young independent filmmakers in America.  He has made five films in the past year alone, three of which we’ll be screening at AFI FEST as the Full Moon Trilogy, featuring ART HISTORY, SILVER BULLETS and  the world premiere of THE ZONE.  

Swanberg’s work has been showcased at almost every major film festival in the world.  He is a bold and original artist whose intimate stories challenge conventions and explore the relationships born of, and challenged by, the creative process.  Shooting quickly with handheld video cameras, Swanberg captures expressive, raw performances from his actors, many of whom are frequent collaborators.  It’s this intimate filmmaking process that fuels his often semi-autobiographical explorations of filmmaking, sex and the collision of art and life.

—AFI FEST Programming

Spotlight, New Auteurs & Young Americans Film Line-Up Announced

We are thrilled to announce the films that will be featured in the festival’s Young Americans, New Auteurs and Spotlight sections at the 25th edition this November. Young Americans features work by emerging U.S. filmmakers, while New Auteurs highlights first and second-time feature film directors from around the world.  This year’s Spotlight section focuses on acclaimed independent American filmmaker Joe Swanberg, featuring presentations of films from his Full Moon Trilogy – SILVER BULLETS, ART HISTORY and the world premiere of THE ZONE.  Swanberg’s intimate storytelling process centers on the intersection of art and life, and he has worked with a number of the actors and filmmakers featured in Young Americans and New Auteurs.
Connect with these films through our Facebook page at:


ATTENBERG: DIR/SCR Athina Rachel Tsangari.  Greece.
BONSAI: DIR/SCR Cristián Jiménez.  Chile/France/Argentina/Portugal.

BULLHEAD: DIR/SCR Michaël R. Roskam.  Belgium.

HANAAN: DIR/SCR Ruslan Pak.  Russia/South Korea/Uzbek.


MICHAEL: DIR/SCR Markus Schleinzer.  Austria.

OSLO, AUGUST 31: DIR Joachim Trier.  SCR Eskil Vogt, Joachim Trier.  Norway.

RESTLESS CITY: DIR Andrew Dosunmu.  SCR Eugene Gussenhoven.  USA.

SNOWTOWN: DIR Justin Kurzel.  SCR Justin Kurzel, Shaun Grant.  Australia.


THE COLOR WHEEL: DIR Alex Ross Perry.  SCR Alex Ross Perry, Carlen Altman. 

THE DISH & THE SPOON: DIR Alison Bagnall.  SCR Alison Bagnall, Andrew Lewis. 

DRAGONSLAYER: DIR Tristan Patterson. (Documentary)

GREEN: DIR/SCR Sophia Takal. 

SPARK OF BEING: DIR Bill Morrison. (Experimental)

WUSS: DIR/SCR Clay Liford. 



ART HISTORY: DIR Joe Swanberg.  SCR Joe Swanberg, Josephine Decker, Kent Osborne.

THE ZONE: DIR/SCR Joe Swanberg. World Premiere.


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