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Catching Up With AFI FEST Alumni: Julia Loktev, Director of THE LONELIEST PLANET

Julia Loktev

Julia Loktev’s film THE LONELIEST PLANET won the grand jury prize from the New Auteurs Critics at AFI FEST 2011. We grabbed a couple minutes of her time on the eve of the film’s Los Angeles and New York theatrical premiere.

What is your favorite AFI FEST memory?

It’s kind of a funny, silly moment.  There was a dinner for all the IFC films.  And someone took a picture of me and my lead actress Hani Furstenberg with the Dardennes brothers, Bela Tarr, Wim Wenders and Jacqueline Lyanga.  I was very pleased and honored to be in such illustrious company.  Then Indiewire ran the photo—with all of our names, including mine—but cropped me out of the pic. You can just see some hair and a little bit of my cheek and a bit of my dress, like an ex-wife that’s been cut out of the picture.  So that was quite funny.  At the same dinner, the Dardennes told me they loved my film DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT, which made my night.  Okay, my month!

What are you working on now?

I always have a hard time talking about things before they are done (unless I’m asking someone for money of course), so perhaps I should stay quiet for now.

Catching Up With AFI FEST 2011 Filmmakers

Michael Roskam

Michael Roskam (BULLHEAD): AFI FEST 2011 New Autuers Audience Award Winner and 2012 Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film

Favorite AFI FEST Moment: I enjoyed the whole festival the whole time; the people of the festival, the audience, the guests and colleagues - the atmosphere. But as a director, being in Hollywood with your movie, visiting the theaters, and meeting your audience was, in this case, very special. I assume that winning the Audience Award has something to do with it.

Project Update: I can’t really reveal too much about it but I’m writing my new feature called THE FAITHFUL.

Alex Ross PerryAlex Ross Perry (THE COLOR WHEEL): AFI FEST 2011 Young Americans program. Perry will be on the competition jury of the 2012 Locarno Film Festival

Favorite AFI FEST Moment: Really, one of my favorite moments of my whole festival year was standing on the roof of the amazing Roosevelt Hotel my second night there, looking down at Hollywood Boulevard and realizing that I was surrounded by so many of my best friends and fellow filmmakers. People with whom I had shared rough cuts of THE COLOR WHEEL months earlier (such as Sophia Takal, Larry Levine and Joe Swanberg, as well as some of my oldest friends and favorite collaborators like Kate Sheil) had all been invited to this amazing place to present our small personal films in a tremendously welcoming environment. It felt as though we had all arrived at this point together and it really was satisfying and rewarding to be invited to screen at a festival where Clint Eastwood was on page 10 of the program, Spielberg was on page 20, and me and all my friends were on page 40 or 45 or so.

Project Update:  I have a new feature script that I am trying to get producers and stuff lined up for. It is an intimate epic about success and betrayal set in New York. I hope to shine a hilarious light on the way phonies and jealous types try to ruin and destroy others who are busy self destructing anyway. It is huge, definitely the biggest thing I have ever done and I really want to make it soon. I am also working on creating a TV series for a network you have heard of that is going to be announced soon, I hope.

Clay Liford

Clay Liford (WUSS): AFI FEST 2011 Young Americans Audience Award Winner

Favorite AFI FEST Moment: We met so many lovely filmmakers at the FEST. AFI encourages interaction in a manner that many festivals don’t. We had dinner with Nacho Vigalondo (Director, EXTRATERRESTRIAL) one night.

Project Update: I’m currently in the final stages of post-production on my new film, SLASH. It’s about a pre-teen who writes erotic Harry Potter fan fiction. I’m also in the developmental stages on several features, one of which is a fairly direct follow up to WUSS.

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KINYARWANDA screens as part of our World Cinema section at AFI FEST 2011 presented by Audi!

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JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI screens as part of our World Cinema section at AFI FEST 2011 presented by Audi!

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FAUST screens as part of our World Cinema section at AFI FEST 2011 presented by Audi!

RUSSIAN ARK director Alexander Sokurov offers a poetic meditation on Goethe’s legend of the scholar who exchanges his soul for unlimited knowledge.


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